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120 Litre Wheelie Bin

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120 Litre Wheelie Bin

Wheelie Bins made from Polyethylene to EU EN840 standard
Easy cleaned and resistant to Acid and Alkaline solutions, fungi, bacteria and washing materials
  • On average a 120 litre wheelie bin can hold 2-3 refuse bags
  • Fitted with 2 x 200mm wheels and a built in handle
  • All wheelie bins can be used by standard DIN and AFNOR lifting equipment
  • Available in a choice of five colours
  • Dimensions: H940mm x W460mm x D550mm
  • Feature and Benefits
  • 120 Litre wheelie bins are one of the most popular sizes of wheelie bins to be distributed to households by UK local councils. On average a 120 litre wheelie bin can hold two to three refuse bags. Therefore they are a popular choice for households with two to four permanent residents, and for small to medium sized businesses and organisations.

    The 120 litre bins are available in five different colours which are: dark grey, green, blue, red and yellow and Dark grey. 120 litre wheelie bins are generally used for general waste collections. However, purchasing more wheelie bins in different colours can create an effective waste separation system to aid recycling.

    Most commonly, the 120 litre green bins are used for garden waste, blue for paper and cardboard, red for plastics and yellow for food and drink cans and glass. This can be altered to your individual needs. For instance, private households may only require one dark grey bin for general waste and another two coloured wheelie bins for recyclables and garden waste.

    Our 120 litre wheelie bins have a tough Polyethylene construction which is ideal for outdoor use. It is a durable material which is designed to withstand all of the elements, as well as providing resistance to cracks, dents and bending. The use of Polyethylene and the manufacturing process which creates the curved exterior of the bins, ensures that they are extremely robust and easy to clean and maintain. They can withstand the washing materials, enabling a disinfectant solution to be used when the bins require clearing, and are also resistant to Acid and Alkaline solutions, fungi and bacteria.

    EN840 Compliant

    The EN840 standard is the regulation of mobile waste containers. To be accredited to this standard the wheeled bins must go through vigorous testing to ascertain whether they meet key requirements for their bin category.

    The manufacturing process of the 120 litre wheelie bins ensures that they comply to the European Standard EN840.

    They feature two large 200mm wheels which can easily roll over curbs and steps, making sure manoeuvrability is safe, quick and easy. The use of two wheels at the back of the wheelie bin also ensures the bin has a large base upon the floor generating greater stability. Furthermore, the 120 litre wheelie bin complies to the EN840 regulations as it features a durable integrated handle which can be used with approved DIN and AFNOR lifting equipment.

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