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Cofra Memory Plus Insoles


Cofra Memory Plus Insoles


DESCRIPTION: Anatomic, punched, antistatic and preformed footbed. It guarantees ergonomic comfort and high breathability. The scented polyurethane layer covers the whole surface of the sole of the foot granting high support. The memory layer, made of slow memory polyurethanic foam, has high viscoelastic properties: it changes in every point of the foot according to the trasmitted heat and shortly adapts itself to the sole of the foot, recovering its original shape when the shoe is removed. The holes along the whole surface of the footbed and the grooves below allow the air to be recycled within the shoe. The abrasion resistant covering textile, ladderproof and antibacterial, absorbs moisture and leaves the foot always dry

SIZES: 35-48 (EU), 2-13 (UK)


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